The Hybrid Athlete… What is it?

The Hybrid Athlete… What is it?

In a nutshell a hybrid athlete is an individual who can excel simultaneously in both strength and endurance activities. Why is this type of athleticism difficult to obtain? 

First off, the workouts that a person does normally targets either strength (lifting weights) putting on muscle, or a workout that targets cardio respiratory endurance (running or swimming). These two types of workouts are diametrically opposed to each other as they target completely different fitness goals. Rarely will you see a person that is packing significant muscle running a marathon. The extra weight of large muscles does not serve well when it comes to endurance type events such as a marathon or triathlon. If you don’t believe that, Google a few photos of a marathon or triathlon and take a look at the body types in the photos.  

Being strong and muscular may look good, but to me I want to know “what is under the hood”. Do you have the endurance to match the muscle? That also encompasses MENTAL toughness. I know plenty of guys that can bench 400lbs. But not many of them possess the mental toughness to match their strength. 

My fitness goal is to be able to participate in a wide selection of fitness activities from running, swimming, biking, climbing, hiking, kayaking, shooting, skiing etc. And do them all well. This mindset came from years serving in both military and government special operations units where operators were required to be a “jack of all trades”. This meant a fine balance between strength and endurance along with the proper mindset. Can you train to be a hybrid athlete? ABSOLUTELY. We’ll dive into how you can accomplish this in an upcoming insight! 


Joseph Teti | Founder of T1 Performance Nutrition