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Extreme Multi-Vitamin | Extreme Men 45+

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A key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is taking a high-quality multivitamin to supplement your meals. But the vitamins you took when you were 25 are not the ones you need as you get older. 

T1’s multivitamin has been formulated specifically for men 45+. Our multivitamin supports overall health, fuels muscle performance, and reduces stress and anxiety.


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Keith Deiter

Extreme Multi-Vitamin | Extreme Men 45+

Terri Kimsey

Love this product will definitely be purchasing again & again

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Everyone needs a multi vitamin

I have tried numerous multi vitamins over the years.   The reason I switched to this one is that it is made for the 45 and older crowd.  I like the fact these guys targeted a specific age group and designed the product around that demographic.  Smart.

Dennis Ezzell
The right stuff...

This multi vitamin has EXACTLY what I was looking for in the ingredient department.

Kirk willie
Been searching for this

Even I know, with my limited knowledge, that a multivitamin that a 25 year old takes isn't the one a guy my age should take. You don't need to be a doctor to know that. Not many multivitamins on the market addressing the 45 and older crowd. Very smart on T1s part to come out with a multi vitamin out of the gate. Great mix of ingredients.

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